Prepping Your Home for Fall & Winter
June 7, 2017
Prepping Your Home for Fall & Winter
June 7, 2017

Why Won’t the Leak Stop?

Homeowners may panic when they see a leak through their roof. Sometimes it is just a onetime fix, however sometimes the leak comes back even after it was supposedly fixed. This would make some homeowners furious and want to question why this is happening. There are sometimes leaks that even roofing contractors do not know are happening. Here are a few reasons why it is difficult to detect a leak that is coming from the roof.


A leak may be caused by a few missing shingles however that may not always be the case. If a few shingles are missing, it would be easy for a roofing contractor and find that problem and replace if quickly. Sometimes it goes a lot deeper than just shingles. If shingles have been damaged for quite a while and it is not detected early on, there might be more damage under the shingles which is a bigger concern than a few missing shingles. Repairs to shingles may sometimes work however sometimes it will not prevent the leak from happening again. It is important to inspect your roof periodically so you will not have damages severe enough to get the entire roof replaced.


Roofing contractors know that gutters can be one of the main reasons why leaks keep coming back. When gutters are backed up water will spill onto your roof which may cause even more damage to your home therefore it is important to watch out for clogged gutters for the safety of your home.


Some water damage can creep in through siding which can cause damage to your home. If your siding has damage from the last storm or has been quietly accumulating mold for the past several years, it could be the reason water keeps coming into your house. Siding damage can be difficult to see for people who are not professional home contractors so contact one of our professionals if you suspect your siding is damaged.

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