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June 7, 2017
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June 7, 2017

9 Ways to Prevent Wild Animals From Entering Your Home

Wild animals, such as possums or raccoons, could damage your property and threaten your health and safety if they enter your home. Keep wildlife from moving into your home with these projects:

Inspect your home’s exterior for openings animals could use as entry points. These might include vents, damaged shingles and holes in siding. Large holes should be permanently repaired or covered with a chew-resistant solid material or screen. Fill smaller gaps or cracks with caulk, mortar, expandable foam or steel wool.

Install hardware cloth around decks and open foundations that sit less than two feet off the ground. Dig a trench one foot deep and eight inches wide around the perimeter. Attach screening to the deck, and then bury the screen in the trench, bending it into an “L” shape at the bottom. Backfill the trench.

Have a chimney cap installed over your chimney flue.

Cover window wells with plastic covers or grates

Trim tree branches that overhang rooflines.

Repair or replace damaged fascia or soffit boards.

Repair or replace damaged windows or doors.

Eliminate food sources. Cover compost bins and store pet food indoors. Secure trash can lids with locks or cables.

Keep gutters clean and remove debris piles from your lawn. Store material such as firewood off the ground; stack to minimize openings.

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